Hardwood Flooring – Medford, Oregon

Good looking, long lasting and a great investment for your home’s , hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for style, durability and more when it comes to home improvement.

  • Hardwood flooring fits most decorating styles.
  • Its durability over time and has the ability to increase your home’s values, making it a great investment.
  • With minimal care, hardwood floors will retain their beauty and elegance for many years.
  • Without fibers to harbor these harmful allergens, your family can live in a healthier environment with wood flooring.
  • Your hardwood flooring options are endless, including choices in color, grains, boards widths and types of wood.

Hardwood’s distinctive grains add a classic touch throughout your home.  Hardwoods rich character never goes out of style.

Please Note:  Hardwood will scratch, dent, change color, expand and contrast and be vulnerable to moisture over time. Extend its life with routine maintenance and care.

We offer leading Hardwood Brands:

Trained and licensed installation

Need installation? We do that! Dave’s Carpet and Vinyl Liquidators offers installation on every type of flooring product. We help you every step of the way with our project management services. From on-site measurements to removal of old flooring and professional installation that can include moving furniture and replacing trim as needed. We have a team of trained professionals to ensure that your floor will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction.”

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Villa Collection

Style: Cottage Hickory

$3.99 / per sq ft

Medford Flooring Carpet Vinyl Hardwood Stone Tile Liquidation
Prefinished Click Flooring

Style: Birch/ Viridian

$2.79 / per sq ft

Villa Collection-

Style: Natural Acacia

$4.75 / per sq ft


Style: Golden Oak

$4.99 / per sq ft


Style: Natural Oak

$4.99 / per sq ft