We all know how great and beautiful granite counter tops are. The illusion of movement, the color and a very large variety of colors. Granite counter tops are ideal for any room in your home, you can choose from elegant blacks or greys, earthy tones, and loud types like red, blue and even green granite slabs. Combine the colors with edges and surface finishes that compliment your style and decor.

If you have ever been to a granite showroom, then you know the price, quality and much more from piece to piece. You just don’t want to purchase the very first piece that you see in the showroom. If you are a beginner at granite shopping, then it might be overwhelming to walk into a showroom and start looking for that piece of granite that goes perfect with your home. Today we are here to help you avoid some pitfalls when it comes to shopping for granite.

  • There are no samples! When granite shopping, always bring samples of the room’s furnishings with you. Paint swatches, cabinets, flooring, drapes, etc. all are a part of the room’s overall look and feel. Granite has a natural movement and design, plus can vary in color from one end of a piece to the other, you want to be sure that the piece you select will look as fantastic as you anticipate.
  • Expectations of the finished product to be perfect. Unless you are only having a small granite counter top installed, you will have a seam in the counter top somewhere. Seams are inevitable, it is important that you hire an experienced fabricator who understands how to keep seam visibility low. Don’t be afraid to ask how long the fabricator has been in business. Keep in mind that it is acceptable to buy granite slab at one location and have the work done by another professional.
  • Selection of the wrong edge. Some might say there is no such thing as the wrong edge, but you will want to keep the following in mind. Bull nose edges look great with traditional cabinets; flat or beveled edgers look best with modern-styled kitchens. If you have small children you will want to use smooth or bottom edges to reduce rick of injury.
  • Granite Use in Kitchen: If you plan on using granite as kitchen counter tops, you want a piece of granite that has low porosity as it reduces the chance of spills seeping into the granite. Lite and exotic colors have a higher porosity; while the darker granite slabs have tighter patterns and require less maintenance, since they don’t stain as easily. When preparing veggies/meat on your granite counters, be sure to use a cutting board or a mat. Not because a knife will damage the granite, but because it will cause damage to your knife!
  • Choose the right sink. Drop-in sinks will disrupt the flow of your granite and will make cleaning the counter top more difficult.

Granite tops are beautiful parts of any design plan. They bring elegance and charm, and combined with functionality. Be sure that when you select granite for your decor, you choose so with care. If doing so the counter tops will be sure to please your family for years to come!